What we do

Helping AI Innovations validate and test their claims to achieve trust.

AI Integrity Reviews

Our AI Integrity Review is where we provide a comprehensive third-party evaluation that helps verify and validate the claims and use cases of new AI applications. We conduct meticulous due diligence, simulated testing and analysis to understand how these applications behave in real-life scenarios and use this to validate their claims. The service is fundamentally based around black box testing, due diligence and research to analyze real world behavior, performance, communication, best practices and business ethics.

Helping Organisations Understand Risk and the AI applications they use

Helping organisations to understand the AI tech they are adopting, how it affects their internal and user security, compliance, data integrity, bias, and processes. Providing the expertise and due diligence needed for organisations to adopt AI effectively.

AI Cyber Security Testing

We conduct comprehensive, full stack Cyber Security and Performance reviews of AI Applications, providing invaluable recommendations as well as critical security reporting and documentation.


The AI Integrity Review. External Third Party Testing and Due Diligence For Your AI Application

The AI Integrity Review allows your product to be tested by an industry leading trusted third party. We not only test the application for performance and accuracy, but we also help verify your claims and conduct due diligence needed to gain industry trust.

Building Trust in AI Solutions

Independent, third party reports that validate your use case and investment into transparency, reliability and ethics.