Ensuring the Safety & Security of AI Generated Results

AI Audits in which we test AI outputs for Safety, Alignment, Accuracy and Errors and match it with due diligence into your business to help you build trust.

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AI Integrity Reviews

We test your outputs for Safety, Alignment, Accuracy and Errors and match it with due diligence into your business to help you build trust. A comprehensive third-party evaluation that helps verify and validate the claims and use cases of new AI applications. We conduct meticulous due diligence, simulated testing and analysis to understand how these applications behave in real-life scenarios and use this to validate their claims. The report builds trust around the products real world behaviour, performance, communication, best practices and business ethics.

Organisational Adoption

Helping organisations to understand the AI tech they are adopting, how it affects their internal and user security, compliance, data integrity, bias, and processes. Providing the expertise and due diligence needed for organisations to adopt AI securely.

- AI Integrity Reviews / Due Dilligence into the applications your organisation you wish to adopt.
- Security and Safety related research, reporting and advice.

AI Cyber Security Testing

We conduct comprehensive, full stack Cyber Security and Performance reviews of AI Applications, providing invaluable recommendations as well as critical security reporting and documentation.


AI Integrity Reviews Verifying Claims and Building Transparency

The AI Integrity Review allows your product to be tested by an industry leading trusted third party. We not only test the application for performance and accuracy, but we also help verify your claims and conduct the due diligence needed to gain industry trust.

Performance and Accuracy Testing

As part of the AI Integrity Review, Fortifai conducts comprehensive black box testing that aims to document how the AI performs in real life scenarios. We report and provide feedback on accuracy, bias, performance, usability and business claims.

Research and Due Diligence Into Your Product

We help build trust in AI Applications by conducting due diligence into the software's documentation, dependencies, business model, public claims and compliance.

Trusted Third Party Reporting and Validation

The AI Integrity Review results in a trusted third party report that saves the time of organisations and people conducting the due diligence needed to use and adopt your application.


Leveraging our expertise in

Generative Adversarial Networks


Variational Autoencoders


Recurrent Neural Networks


Long Short-Term Memory


Markov Chains and Hidden Markov Models


Restricted Boltzmann Machines


Auto-regressive Models


Flow-based Generative Models