Validating Secure and Responsible AI Use Cases

Revolutionizing Trust in Artificial Intelligence. Driving Transparent and Ethical AI Implementation

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Providing new AI Innovations with Security and Ethics Verification.

We help build trust in your AI Application by externally reviewing the solution, providing advice for improvement, and creating a report that certifies the security, reliability and ethics within the technology from a third party.

Security and Risk Reporting for Organisations.

Helping organisations to understand the AI tech they are adopting, how it affects their internal and user security, compliance, data integrity, bias, and processes. Providing the expertise and due diligence needed for organisations to adopt AI securely.

AI Bias Mitigation

AI systems are not immune to biases, and we work tirelessly to uncover them. By using the latest research and methodologies, we identify and mitigate biases, ensuring your AI systems are fair and unbiased.


Why validate your use of AI through Fortifai?

In this era of technological advancements, AI adoption has become a focal point for businesses. Our mission at Fortifai is to foster an environment where companies can utilize AI in the most secure, responsible, and transparent way.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Fortifai is trusted by industry leaders for delivering high-quality AI audit services. We are recognized for our robust process, experienced auditors, and unwavering commitment to promoting ethical and secure AI.

Third party, external validation

Fortifai provides unbiased, third party validation that your AI use case is secure and follows ethical guidelines, allowing businesses to increase stakeholder trust.

Industry leading research

Our methodology is driven by the latest research in AI ethics, security, and bias mitigation. We continuously adapt and update our audit processes to ensure we are aligned with global standards and advancements in AI.


Leveraging our expertise in

Generative Adversarial Networks


Variational Autoencoders


Recurrent Neural Networks


Long Short-Term Memory


Markov Chains and Hidden Markov Models


Restricted Boltzmann Machines


Auto-regressive Models


Flow-based Generative Models



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